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  • Christmas celebrations at Gurugram public school sec 62

    The festival of Christmas celebrates the glorious advent of the son of God,Jesus Christ. He rose from humble beginnings to become a world teacher.His message of love & compassion inspires millions of followers all over the world today.

    Tiny tots of Gurugram public school sector 62 celebrated Christmas.....as much more than just opening the presents, but as a day for opening hearts to holiness and godliness. Students witnessed the festive spirit by exhibiting their talents through various songs and dance performances. English play was enacted highlighting the spirit of Christmas & the birth & sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sake of humanity.

    Santas of GPS were dressed in red &white clothes, carried bags of candies and distributed among all. Children spoke about true meaning of Christmas & ornaments hung on Christmas tree like shiny star, silver bell, the candles & the Santa. Various art & craft activities were held in all the classes and students decorated Christmas tree & their classrooms. Mrs Debjani & Mrs Baljeet told story of birth of Jesus to all .Mrs Vandana took all students to computer lab to show movie & PPT presentation on Lord Jesus Christ. Chocolate truffle cake cutting ceremony was held & all tiny tots sang songs to wish each other merry Christmas & welcomed awaited prosperous New Year...


    HM 62 gave message to all students to give the gift of obedience to all parents this Christmas. She praised & appreciated the efforts of the little ones and the staff & expressed her delight on seeing such enthusiasm in the children who brought the spirit of Christmas to life. She said true happiness lies in celebrating together as a family and emphasized the importance of caring, sharing & spreading goodness all around.


    Celebrating Children's Day at Gurugram public school sec 62 on 11/11/16
    "Bahut varsh jiyo aur hind ke jawahar bane raho"...said by Gandhiji to Pt. Nehru..
    Gurugram public school ,sec 62 presented a special assembly aptly themed on Pt .Jawahar Lal Nehru on the occasion of Children's Day that was celebrated at Gurugram public school sec  62 on 11/11/16 .
    The programme began by paying homage to our beloved leader Pt.Nehru,who loved children very much.Various items were put which showcased Pt Nehru's love for children.Aryaman Chaudhary  & Anika Mishra class 4...presented a speech which adressed children to become more dutiful and to respect nature.
    Teachers discussed the history and achievments of Chacha Nehru and Quiz was organised on the topic" Great personalities of India". Mr Rajkumar ...made children happy with foot tapping songs underlying the importance of being happy & to follow the right path.
    Students were delightfully dressed in colourful dresses and brought a rose flower and presented a short skit to make all students aware of various achievments done by Nehru ji in economic ,cultural & scientific fields. All students danced on the patriotic tunes & had lots of fun.
    After the assembly students gathered and viewed a PPT presentation and a movie on the life of Pt.Jawahar lal Nehru  followed by a Drawing & colouring contest for primary students, where tinytots showcased their talent on the topic" Children's Day."
    HM 62 presented medals to the winners and motivated students to become good human beings by following the right path & to uphold their dignity & self respect in these fast changing times.
    The programme was followed by the prize distribution to the winners of "Drawing & colouring contest" and sweets were distributed amongst all students .....and a rose plant was planted in the school garden.
    Special Assembly by class 3 GPS 62 on 12 May 2016..Thursday
    An assembly was conducted on Thursday,May 12 ,2016 at Gurugram public school sec 62 on the theme love all...by class 3 students and was guided by the class teacher Mrs Manisha.
    It began with the school prayer& auspicious "Gayatri Mantra".
    Students class 3 came on the stage one by one & attracted the students by explaining that we should love all ..i.e,our parents,teachers,school,nature,God and our friends.
    The children who were in the audience carefully watched the presentation and we believe that they will imbibed the highlighted values.
    Really,class 3 students exhibited the moral value that the one with love and respect in their hearts always wins & is successful in life but an egoistic person is left alone.




    School report--Special Assembly on Our helpers on 9th May 2016

    Man is a social animal. The society in which we live is surrounded by many helpers. We cannot think of our lives without these helpers. Keeping in mind the importance of the helpers, Students of class 2 presented a special assembly on 9 May 2016. It was a well organised assembly in which students presented themselves as helpers like doctor, policemen, firemen etc. 

    All the children of the class  2 participated in the assembly. By turn they articulated the roles and responsibilities of the various helpers. They delivered their dialogues extremely clearly and even sang as required, a short rhyme where possible. Children spoke their dialogues with poise and confidence.
    HM 62 addressed the students and told them to respect our helpers.She further told all staff and students to be more cautious regarding their own safety and motivated students to care for their classmates,siblings and friends.

    It was a fun-learning start to a wonderful day when each child recalled the values of cooperation, collaboration and compassion.



    Visit to big bazaar & Mc Donalds by GPS 62 students on 7/5/16

    Visit to the Big- Bazaar Supermarket – Learning an essential life-skill 
    We at Gurugram public school sec 62 believe in all-round awareness and development of our students and strive to make them conscious of the world around.  In order to familiarize the kids with the processes involved in shopping, buying, selling etc; our students were taken to Big Bazaar at Omaxe Mall on 7-5-16.
    Children became aware of the different sections of the store (fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, frozen food, bakery, and canned goods). Children learnt what foods are found in each section of the departmental store. 
    The visit was truly an educational hands- on experience. They were allowed to see, touch and feel all the different fruits, vegetables. They were also allowed to purchase the things from the store on their own and each child was handed over a bill for the purchase.
    It was an enriching experience for them to know about billing counters and cash transactions. This taught them the feeling of responsibility. The staff of Big -Bazaar treated everyone with chocolates.
    The educational trip to Big -Bazaar was full of fun and excitement. Our little ones had a great learning experience which is always enhanced outside the walls of classroom. The trip to the departmental store was a memorable experience for the children and the teachers as well. Students were than taken to Mc Donald's for refreshments where they enjoyed their burgers and were distributed fruits,biscuits and juices.
    The happiness of the students of Gurugram public school sec 62 cannot be expressed in words.
    The overwhelming response of the parents has encouraged the school to plan for much more trips in future.




     Mothers Day celebrations at GPS 62 on 6/5/16

    "The day that celebrates the essence of a mother is Mothers Day"...
    Mothers have always played a special role in each of our lives.Their unconditional love,support& the feeling of security blanket around us in unmatched and keeping this in mind Gurugram public school sec 62 organised a special programme on 6 May 2016 and students left no stone unturned to show respect & gratitude towards their mothers.
    Special assembly was organised and children put up a great show expressing their love for mothers and came on the stage with the presentation to convey gratitude to their moms for their unconditional love.School director Mrs Indu Kapur also graced the occasion with her presence.
    Students also displayed their love with various other activities like,best out of waste,card making,poems,speeches & songs on importance of mothers.
    They also prepared charts /posters to depict the role of mother in child's life.
    Mrs Kanika Ghai HM 62 also narrated inspirational stories of great mothers from our Indian culture and Mrs Indu motivated students to respect their moms and shared her experiences of celebrating fathers day with children in Germany.
    Tiny tots & staff enjoyed this occasion with full joy & enthusiasm & left school with beautiful memories of the day.
    "Happy mothers day to one and all".........