• Gurugram Public School Sector 55

  • Gurugram Public School Sector 62

  • At Gurugram Public School we cater need of every child.

    GPS Gurgaon encompasses a cosmopolitan outlook, striving consistently to achieve the aim of education. It is an excellent training ground for students where they develop the courage to dream big.

    At senior school the young adults have their academic and extra-curricular skills to prepare for their journey into the world outside the protective environs of the school. Innovative and effective teaching methodologies are used by the teachers with focus on the constantly changing education pedagogy which enables academic achievement.

    Apart from skills and knowledge due attention is also paid to inculcating values which will stand them in good stead in life.

    At Gurugram we believe in commitment, opportunity, respect and excellence.

    Commitment- by all members of the school community to its caring ethos and academic traditions.

    Opportunity-with in a supportive environment for all to fulfill their potential as individuals, lifelong learners and contribute to society.

    Respect -for self and others and building of harmonies relationship within the school and wider community.

    Excellence- personal achievement and high standards in all areas of school life.