• Gurugram Public School Sector 55

  • Gurugram Public School Sector 62

  • GURUGRAM PUBLIC School in collaboration with parents and community, shall develop in all students the knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes to empower them to become life-long learners and productive citizens in an ever-changing world. This will be accomplished in a climate that promotes high expectations, strives to meet individual’s needs and values diversity

    GPS recognizes the child as a natural learner, and knowledge as the outcome of the child's own activity. In our everyday lives outside the school, we enjoy the curiosity, inventiveness and constant querying of children.

    We provide a broad, balanced, challenging curriculum which will enable children to develop the skills, abilities and qualities of thought which will include:

    1. The ability to communicate clearly and confidently in a variety of ways and contexts;
    2. An understanding of the application of mathematical ideas and the ability to use them in various situations;
    3. An ability to use scientific methods of investigation;
    4. An ability to analyze and solve problems; seeking and interpreting appropriate evidence, considering and applying solutions;
    5. Agility and physical co-ordination, confidence in and through physical activity, and the ability to express feeling through movement;
    6. The ability to acquire information from a variety of sources and to use it effectively, including Information Communication Technology;
    7. Imagination and sensitivity, which will be developed through creative and expressive experiences.
    8. Help children to develop their skills as individuals and achieve a measure of self-discipline preparing them for their continuing education and equip them for adult life.
    9. Promote equal opportunities for all children.
    10. Encourage parents to visit and play an active part in their children’s education and in the life of the school.

    We believed that learning is a joyful experience and enables the learner to find the meaning and significance of life. It helps to discover the unfathomed oceans of knowledge and nurture the latent and creative potential in the learner. In a joyful learning environment the curiosity, the sense of enterprise and adventurism, the desire for creativity, the desire to cooperate and coexist is aroused. The learner feels less threatened and hence works in an atmosphere free from fear and stress. In turn, this objective of the curriculum and its mode of transaction, we focus in the achievement of the above goals.