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  •   Enigmatic World of Robots

    There is no exaggeration in saying, “God made Man and Man made Robots.”

    It really seems mysterious and impossible to understand the term “Robotics” completely. It is enlightening to compare the present world of Science with the earlier world.

    For fulfilling this purpose, 14 students of Classes XI A and XII A have attended the workshop in Ansal University on 14th July, 2016.

    It was indeed an engrossing workshop. After describing Sensors i.e. Force Sensing, Tactile Sensing, Sonar, Camera, they cleared the authenticity of the study of Robotics.

    “In view of the keen competition worldwide in automotive manufacturing technology, the role of Robot is unavoidable with its current state of the art.”

    They explained the scope of Robots as

    For military purposes.

    To navigate what kind of activity is going on.

    To avoid obstacle.

    For surgery in hospitals.

    After that, they engaged students in asking various questions.

    Learners had demonstrated well on the day.

    At last, the most enjoyable and surprising event took place. That was 

    To extinguish the flame of five candles using a Robot. Students showed keen interest in solving the task.

    Teams were made. Students got prizes and certificates then and there.

    Robotic Lab was minutely observed by students. Professors helped them in their queries.

    They mentioned that it is the thought-process which has changed the world.


    Alertness, attention, keen interest, always eager to do new things these qualities help learners bring desired results.